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Reformed Worship

Reformed Worship at Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church


Worship is the act of ascribing worth to something. God has instituted the worship of himself by all people everywhere in spirit and in truth. When we gather together to worship God, our services are orderly, joyful, and reverent, as we follow principles of reformed public worship described in the Directory of Public Worship, including:

  1. When we assemble for public worship, we are not merely gathering as God’s children with each other, but, before all else, God is meeting with us, as part of his covenant people.
  2. The triune God is present in our worship, not only by divine omnipresence, but, more intimately, as the faithful covenant Savior. Through Christ, we have access by one Spirit to the Father.
  3. God reveals how we should worship him in his Word, the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, and by good and necessary deductions from Scripture.
  4. During the public worship services:
    • By his Spirit working through the ministry of the Word, God addresses us – in the call to worship, in the salutation and benediction, in the reading and preaching of the Word, and in the sacraments.
    • Enabled by the Holy Spirit, we respond appropriately – in prayer and confession of sin, in songs, offerings, and hearing the Word, and in receiving and partaking of the sacraments.
  5. From beginning to end, our public worship should be known for its simplicity and beauty – never as “performances.”
  6. In public worship, we draw near to God unitedly as his covenant people, the body of Christ, to manifest and renew our covenant bond with God and one another. Therefore:
    • Covenant children should be present so far as possible, as well as adults.
    • No favoritism may be shown to any who attend; nor may any member of the church presume to exalt himself above others as though he were more spiritual, but each shall esteem others better than himself.
    • The service is to be conducted in a manner that enables and expects all the members of the covenant community-male and female, old and young, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, healthy and infirm, people from every race and nation-to worship together.
  7. The Holy Spirit engages us and draws us into the Father’s presence as living sacrifices in Christ. God himself has fellowship with us, strengthening and guiding us for life in his presence and service in his kingdom, always to the glory of God.


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